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Health Insurance and Medicare Made Simple

Chris Lynch and VHIA is Virginia's premier health insurance specialist.  Since 2008, Chris and his team has provided consultation, enrollment assistance, and client services to those seeking assistance with Medicare, Individual, and Small Group health insurance. 

Unlike most health insurance websites that require you to enter your contact information and then provide your number to hundreds of agents, We are your dedicated agent focused on you and your needs directly.  Our job is to make the process of understanding, obtaining, and using your health insurance as easy as possible.  

We offer expertise in:

  1. Medicare SupplementsPart D Drug Cards & Medicare Advantage Plans

  2. Affordable Care Act (ACA) Individual Health Insurance Plans purchased through the Federal Marketplace or directly from the carrier

  3. Short Term Health Insurance

  4. Faith Based Sharing Programs (Such as Christian Medi-Share) 

  5. Traditional and Level-Funded Small Employer Plans

Chris has been certified on the Federal Marketplace since it's inception in 2014, and completes regular re-certification and training for Medicare each year under the AHIP requirements.    

Virginia Medicaid

Medicaid Redetermination


When yearly Medicaid renewals start again, millions of individuals will need to take action, and if they no longer qualify, find a new health plan that’s right for them. We can help you with your options, should you lose coverage and need a Marketplace plan.


Questions about Medicare?


Check out our Medicare online educational resources and online webinars. We cover Medicare eligibility, coverage, cost, sign up time frames, enrollment. 

Contact Us:

Your Info is only used for us to contact you and will not be shared with anyone else



Are you feeling  overwhelmed and have questions about Medicare. We are here to help! We guide you through the process and help you get enrolled in the plans you need at no cost to you!

ACA Individual Family Health Plans

Individual / Family Plans

Are you looking for health insurance coverage for you or your family? There are a variety of options available depending upon your specific needs. We help you find the right coverage!  

Small Employer Health Insurance

Small Employer

Are you looking to provide health insurance benefits for your employees but not sure how. We will lay out your options to help you provide a great benefit for you and your team!

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