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How & When to Sign Up

Eligible during the seven month window surrounding month turning 65

  • ​Beneficiaries drawing social security are auto-enrolled

  • If not drawing social security, must contact SSA proactively (either in an SSA  office or online)

  • Timing of sign-up affects when Medicare starts

    • Sign-up during three months before turning 65 starts Medicare on first of  month turning 65​

    • Up to three month delay if signing up month of or later

Medicare eligibility

Those continuing to work past age 65 can delay starting Medicare if  desired

  • Part A is typically elected as it comes with no additional cost (HSA issue)​

  • Part B is typically delayed as it comes with a standard monthly charge  (ability to delay part B can depend on number of employees in company)

  • Once retired or losing employer coverage, enrollees have an eight month  window to elect Medicare (note cobra does not count as continuing coverage & supplement availability may be affected)

  • Both employee & employer forms are required to elect Medicare

Medicare Income Adjustments

Medicare: Income & Cost Adjustments

Medicare Part D

Part D

Medicare Part D

Medicare: Supplement Plans

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